Rhythm of a Prayer

by Joshua 'Ua' Vandercar

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released November 27, 2008

Recorded at Grace Lutheran Church, Lafayette, Indiana
Mastered by Ed McCabe



all rights reserved


Joshua 'Ua' Vandercar Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Holy Hands
Saints of old surround me
And their stories of faith
May i run ever onward
Oh, to finish the race

Make straight the paths for my feet
And may Your holy hands hold me

When i grow weary
And the journey grows long
Set my eyes on Jesus
Giving me faith to go on

Make straight the paths for my feet
And may Your holy hands hold me
Track Name: Inside Out
Now my emotions are inside out and free
Revealing the heart of all that's not really me
Why have these lonely days undressed me so
i find a fig leaf ... want to hide, but on i go

Whispers & lullabies in the fallin' rain
The thunder cries ... i close my eyes

i try to see ... my thoughts get in the way
Now i'm wondering why i can't escape this place
Within without ... hoping for something new
Then in the silence i sense some misplaced truth
Track Name: Wild Truth
i find myself here in the borderland
Aching for escape
From false comfort in these safe gods i make
Please help me walk on through the gate

Here i'm promised things, they all fall apart
They slowly break my weary heart
Press me into You when all around presses hard
Hear me calling out, my Lord

Revive my passion in You
Let Your passion pierce me through
Awake my heart to burn with You
In Your wild truth

Obscure memories and pictures of the past
Remind me there's more to life than today
So for more i reach, for more i ache
Through the confining bars of this place

i can't see the stars or the road stretching on
Implicit words saying this moment's the end
But i close my eyes and hold out for more, my friend
Because i hope in unseen things that have no end
Track Name: Softer Than Stone
i feel the autumn breeze
i see the colors turn on the trees
Gold today and then they leave
Dead leaves dance in the streets

Oh ... they turn me
To memories i can not leave

i have turned every fallen leaf
Seeking what tomorrow brings
All that i have found
Cold stones on a cold ground

Oh ... when my heart is cold
Won't you come and break it, make it softer than stone

Now the clouds bring the rain
The rain washes away
The trees, oh, how they weep
Their tears are falling on me

Oh ... i cry ... will you free this life
Like the leaves that fly all around me
Track Name: Loss & Love
Standing before the cross
Counting all things as loss

To know You, Lord
To know You, Lord
To know You, Lord
To know Your love.

And all i need is in that place
Your grace
And all i need is in You, Lord
Loss and love
Track Name: Time To Eternity
May I live again as the child I once was
And know the Father's love as I crawl on toward His open arms

And when He lay me down, down to sleep
With a kiss upon His lips I'll drift from time to eternity

Oh, I long to sing
Of the child in me
To simply accept this faith
Find me in my self
Clinging to my pride
Lead me to humbly follow You
Oh, Father
Track Name: Psalm 42
Deep calls to deep
i'm caught in the waves and winds of the sea
When i need relief
You are lifting me

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

i pour out my soul
i cry out, O God, help me to know
This hope that i hold
Yeah, it's bringing me home

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia
O God, i praise You ...

O God, i'm asking why
Tears and questions are my sacrifice
O Lord, Your song in the night
This is the prayer of my life

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia
Track Name: Ancient Song
Tonight won't You free me & lead me
Into Your love & grace
To the place You've been calling me, 'cuz i can't seem
To find my own way

Lead me on
To where i belong
Lead me on
To join (rest) in that ancient song ... singing ...

Holy, holy, holy
Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive all honor, glory, blessing, and strength
Jesus, forever and ever

Tonight won't You take my hand into Your land
i follow on in faith
Hope my heart in Your loving kiss through this wilderness
Down this narrow way
Track Name: Hold Us Home
Silent smiling tears tell the story
Of twenty-six years You've written on my heart
This cover is worn ... bindings breaking
So sweeter the words that every day brings
Your Spirit sings

And You have shown the wonders of Your love
And here we're home in these hands that hold us now
Hold us now, hold us home

You are mine every moment
You invade my mind and set me free to be
She says, "In life, nothing ever happens in a hurry"
So i take my time ... believe those words she speaks
Embrace reality

And You have shown the wonders of Your love
And here we're home in these hands that hold us now
Hold us now, hold us now
More gentle than the breezes breath
Deeper than the heavens depth
And the thoughts we know
Warmer than that one sunset
When we were happy and we left
This world behind
And now it's fading fast and far
So set your eyes upon the stars
That guide us home, guide us home